ER: Better disconnection handling

I’m not sure if this is a TOAD problem or an Oracle problem but its one I experience daily in TOAD. I often have multiple connections open in TOAD and I’ll be jumping between them throughout the day. Often, the connection will be lost as I haven’t used it for a while so I need to reconnect to the database, my problem is I don’t know this until I have tried to do a refresh/change tab/execute procedure in TOAD. When this happens its not unusual to get messages like:

Access violation at address 61CDF6A4 in module ‘OraClient11.Dll’. Read of address 00000010.

I get lots of other ones too, sometimes offering me the Reconnect button, sometimes not. Often I get multiple messages. I often get them when I try to Test Connections (Reconnect) as well - lots of them.

I’m not sure, but I suspect, this is often a cause of crashes/hangs in TOAD or at least a loss of stability (again, often, once I’ve had these messages I’ll keep getting them until I find them too annoying and restart TOAD), even after I’ve reconnected.

So, in summary, can we handle this better in TOAD? I know we can’t “keep alive” our TOAD connections but can we better handle instances where we’ve tried to execute some code against a connection that’s been dropped.