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I am trying to do following steps with designer.
Excel has list of department Name and department name needs to be read one by one , in loop so that data of related department can be fetched and saved as excel with filename as department name.

TOAD version -
pseudo code

  1. read excel for department name - dept1
  2. select col1, col2, col_varchar from dump where dpt = ' dept1' and col_clob is null ;
  3. export data into excel - dept1.xlsx
  4. select col1, col2, col_clob from dump where dpt = ' dept1' and col_clob is not null ;
  5. export data into excel - dept1.xlsx and add data into new sheet.
    6)Repeat above steps for all departments.

I have tried to searched forum but could not get any lead. Please suggest how do these steps.

It's not possible to do this, reading from an Excel File. However, if you put your department names in a text file instead, you could do this with Toad.

I have some docs on Automation designer and other things here

Look specifically at:
Automation Designer - Passing variables to Export Dataset.docx

You'll have to make some adjustments for your situation, but I think you should be able to get it working. It's possible that you'll need a newer version of Toad to make this work.

I am able to export dataset into excel sheet with name based on value present in text but unable to pass text value to dataset query.

I have tried % and without % also but getting no dataset message.