Version 64 bit bugs

Version 64 bit bugs:

  1. 'Show in the object explorer' doesn't work anymore!
    To reproduce:
  • open the editor and select a database, expand it, and also expand the tables node
  • write: select * from tablename
    where tablename is a valid table in that database.
  • Highlight (select) the table name, right click to get the context menu. The 'Table tablename' menu item should be enabled, hover above it and select Show in the object explorer option on the second popup. TSS collapses the tree and it doesn't select the table in the objects tree. This used to work in TSS 7.2.0!

Update on this one: lately this feature seems to work. I am not too sure what's going on. I wonder if it requires the syntax to be correct in the script file. Anyway, I just tested this feature and it stopped working again. ¯\(ツ)

  1. This one is harder to reproduce, but essentially I wanted to add an index on a table in production. I had to do other things, and I left the dialog open. When I came back to it after a while (not sure how long, 10-15mins maybe), I got some weird error messages about the table being locked, and basically the objects tree stopped refreshing properly. Since that point, I didn't try to reproduce it, because I made sure I completed the creation of the indexes very quickly. Still, the error is unsettling because I was making changes in the production environment, and I didn't expect this. I wonder what the program does under the hood. I didn't have time to use the sql profiler so see exactly what's happening.

  2. This one was in 7.2.0 as well. If I have a sql statement such as this one:
    select * from table1 t1 where not exists(select 1 from table t2 where =, when I press Ctrl + . right after t1 in the inner query, TSS does not get the list of fields of table1 in that spot. It gets only the table2 list of fields. Can you please fix this? It is very annoying. Usually my way out of this was to highlight table1 and go Show to object explorer but that doesn't work in 7.4.1.

  3. This one was in 7.2.0 as well. The following query is supported by sql server but it is not supported by the TSS source code editor and code formatter:

    select sysutcdatetime() at time zone 'UTC' at time zone 'Pacific standard Time'

Please fix these issues!

Thank you so much.

Thank you Bog for taking the time to capture and write about the found issues.

We will consider fixing these issues within our upcoming releases, we have identified the problems above and logged them to the backlog for future development under the following IDs:

  1. TSS-2063
  2. We will look into making repro on our side
  3. TSS-2064
  4. TSS-2065

Thank you so much!