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sync & convert + version manager


now I am at sync & convert wizard … :slight_smile:

If I did not lost something, I see that there’s no easier way to compare two versions (from internal version manager) and obtain an alter script…

I explain how IMHO should work:

  • I check out a model from version manager; I take it over when it is, say 1.1
  • I work on the model, doing my changes
  • I check in the model, saving as 1.2

Now, I want to obtain script of what I’ve done… I open sync and convert, and have the option to select a specific version of a model. In this case, I choose version 1.2 of this model.
Now I move next but, instead of having to separately deal with version manager, saving 1.1 version to a temp file somewere, I can see in combobox all other available versions for the model (in this case, 1.1)
…and then proceed with compare…

Hi Roberto,

you can just check out versions you wish to compare and run Sync & Convert wizard. You don’t have to store version/revision to temp file etc. Do check out version 1.2, check out version 1.1 and compare them.

BTW: our plan is to focus on third party versioning systems like Subversion etc.



Hi Vaclav,

it’s anyway one more step… I was thinking about something “integrated” inside sync & convert… list of available versions, you pick one and sync & convert does the checkout for you :slight_smile: … and the same is valid for tp versioning also… one of scopes of versions is to compare them … and making easy the operation is a big big plus…

but it’s only my opinion :slight_smile: