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Toad Data Modeler 3.4.14 Released!


Hello Toad Data Modeler users,
I am pleased to announce the new release of Toad Data Modeler version 3.4.14.
This version brings great new features and enhancements. Please see their brief list below.

New Features


  • Support for DB2 LUW 9.5
  • New Sync & Convert Wizard for model conversion, model merge, alter script
    generation, model compare and alter report generation.
  • Alter script for MySQL 5.0 and MySQL 5.1, PostgreSQL 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, DB2 UDB 8,
    DB2 v9, DB2 v9.5 database
  • Import from DDL script of MS SQL Server 2005 and 2008, MySQL 5.0 and 5.1,
    DB2 UDB 8, DB2 v9, DB2 v9.5 database
  • Naming Conventions allowing you to:
    a) Define your own rules for physical names of objects.
    b) Synchronize caption (logical name) and name (physical name) of objects of
    your model.
    c) Verify whether the physical names of objects match the naming convention rules.
  • Support of macros (select Macros on the main menu)



  • LIVE Reverse Engineering for MS SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008, MySQL 5.0 and
    5.1, Sybase ASE 12.5 and 15, PostgreSQL 8.3, 8.2, 8.1, DB2 UDB 8, DB2 v9 and
    DB2 v9.5.
  • Logical Modeling - Possibility to select a foreign key (linking method) for inversed
    relationships (for both directions of M:N relationships).


  • RTF and PDF reports for logical model
  • Possibility to generate HTML, RTF, PDF reports only for the selected Workspace
  • PDF and RTF Alter reports for physical models
  • Watermarks in RTF and PDF reports for physical and logical models


  • New checkbox Save Passwords with Aliases (Settings | Options | Reverse
  • Pop-up menu on tabs of Designer and Workspaces with options: Move Tab Left,
    Move Tab Right, Close Other Tabs, Close
  • Simple Model Merge and Simple Model Conversion functions are now available via
    the File menu | Sync & Convert.
  • Possibility to select a color for keys (PK, FK, PFK) - Select Settings | Options |
    Physical Model | Entity tab | Attribute Colors area.
  • Double-click the shortcut name of relationship in Model Explorer highlights the
    relationship line on the Workspace.
  • New checkbox Print Gradient (Settings | Options | General). (This checkbox is clear
    by default, which means that your model print will perform much faster.)
  • Message Explorer Log Path and Sync and Convert Log Path (Settings | Options |
    Paths | General tab)

and much more
The Release Notes document is available at:

Installation Guide

There is one installation package for Commercial and Trial version of Toad Data Modeler.
Please read the Installation Guide.pdf document carefully before you install the latest version of Toad Data Modeler.


  1. Get details about limitations of Trial version (15-day trial period and multiple features limited to a maximum of 25 entities):
  2. Side-by-side installation is possible. Please read the Installation Guide.pdf document carefully.
  3. To install Toad Data Modeler successfully, Administrator privileges are necessary.
  4. Do not open and resave models originally created in developmentally higher version of Toad Data Modeler (e.g. in v. 3.4.14) in lower version of Toad Data Modeler (e.g. in v. 3.3.8).
    The Installation Guide is available on the new version Download page.


Download Toad Data Modeler 3.4.14 from:

Documentation and Flash Movies

Help file, User Guide and Reference Guide have been updated.

New PDF documents on the new features (Sync & Convert Wizard and Naming Conventions):

User Guide (PDF):

Watch new and updated flash movies at:

Please sort the movies by Title - Descending order to display the latest movies as first.
Any feedback on the movies and documentation is greatly appreciated!

Using TDM v2 and v3

You can use both versions at the same time. Both product versions can be installed on your computer and no problem should occur. Version 3 can open *.dm2 and .dmx files directly. However, models created in version 3 (.txp) cannot be opened in version 2.Version 3 does not support all databases supported in version 2.

Flash movie on opening models created in version 2 is available at:

Enjoy the new version 3.4.14 and let us know what you think of its new features!
Thanks very much!


Vladka & TDM Team