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view Nicknames in Object Explorer

I’ve been using Toad for DB2 and have no problem seeing nicknames and writing queries against them.

We’ve been testing Toad Data Point to run heterogenous queries, but in Data Point I can’t see nicknames in the same databases that Toad for DB2 has no problem with. In Data Point I can only see tables and views.

Is there a setting I need to change?

Thanks in advance.


This was accidentally taken out but was put back in. What version are you using? It either went in TDP 4.1 or TDP Beta 4.2

I’m using v4.1.

My source control shows that these were added back to the TDP 4.1 release. Please try our current Beta. If issue still not resolved then please open a support ticket.

Here is the Beta.

OK. I’ll try the beta next week. I’m busy with a project involving Toad for DB2.

M Berman

Columbia University