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Viewing tablespaces in Toad for Oracle

Hi all.

ON TOAD for Oracle 8.6 we used to be able to go to DBA menu > Segment Management > Tablespace and we where presented with a list of tablespace and their percentage used, free etc. This provided me with a general overview of my tablespaces and I could sort on percentage full etc.

We recently moved to and now when I go to Database > Administer > Tablespaces I get presented with a list of datafiles and I dont have the overview any longer on the percentage used of my tablespace. If I go to Schema Brower and select Tablespaces, again I get presented with all datafiles for this tablespace in the RHS.

Is there any way for us to get a high level overview of tablespaces, their percentage used, free etc, like I had on 8.6?

Any advice or information appreciated