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Warning for Unique Index Items

I like the verification log over all...but it seems to post false positives...

I have a table with an indexed field...and another table as a FK to that that FK table ALSO builds an index...So now I get a warning about unique index items?

MariaDB does this automatically and I cannot remove the index without the FK...but still isn't that a best practice anyway?

Even as a warning I don't think it is valid? Thanks!

Toad Data Modeler currently doesn't support Maria DB, but I think you work with some version of MySQL, that should be similar as Maria DB.
If I good understand it is situation where you have two indexes with same items in one Entity. One index is created manually and second is as non-identification relation index. You have two ways.

  1. Delete one of this index in Toad Data Modeler if it is suitable for you.
  2. Switch off this type of warning if you don't like it.