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what is optimum set of hints for Toad 10.6.1 using Oracle 11.2?


I had a major problem with seeing TABLESPACE data in SB. So I changed the
default from RULE to ALL_ROWS. That sped up the RHS display from over 5 minutes
to a few seconds.

But the INFO and SCRIPT tab of the MATERILAIZED VIEW display in SB and the
SCRIPT tab of the TABLE display in SB are very with both RULE and ALL_ROWS.

Are there specific DBA tables that I need to ADD into the OPTIONS à HINTS
dialogue so as to make those go faster?

We have Oracle 11.2 AL32UTF8 and using Toad 10.6.1


I don’t recommend setting the default optimizer hint because that will
affect too many queries. Leave it on .

Do a spool sql to find the badly performing query, and see which data dictionary
view we are querying. If it’s a join, note the first view in the join.

You can add that view to the grid in Options -> Oracle -> Optimizer Hints with
your Oracle version and preferred optimizer hint. The hint SHOULD make it into
the query, but if you find it does not, let me know and I will fix it.



I’m wondering how fresh your database stats are?