Toad "Optimizer mode" in Editor

I have just changed from 10.1 to 10.6 and the “optimizer mode” contect menu option in the editor windows has dissapeared.

I am using Oracle 9 on a database setup as rule based. (This is historic)

But I want to set the optimizer to “all rows”

I could do this by using the “optimizer mode” contect sensitive menu option.

This has now dissapeard to be replaced by an option to use the toad optimizer (Not the same thing)

I cannot find anywhere where I can set this up.

  1. Why was it removed
  2. How do I get the equivelant setting not in 10.6?


It was removed because it didn’t really do anything.

Not true,
As I am running on ORACLE 9 this is STILL relevant.

Our database is set-up for rule based but our VB app used a connection setting of cost based. (please no comments…)

This means that we need to set the Toad editor window to “all rows” to get meaninful performance. (Rather than typing optimizer hints for ALL SQL)