What is this new SSH feature all about?

Could you provide some insight about the following in 17.0 Beta?

  • Connections: SSH connections can now be defined within Toad. You no longer need to use PuTTY or similar to do this


If you've been using PuTTY (or MobaXTerm or anything else) to tunnel to a database in order to connect with Toad (or SQL*Plus, or anything else), you can now do that with Toad instead.

To try it:

  1. select your connection in the login window
  2. Click the "SSH" button and configure. Click "Test" to try it.
  3. if it says it connected, you can click "Connect" from the login window to save the settings with your connection.

If you wish to apply settings to an existing connection w/o having to connect, you can click "edit selected login records" from the login windows toolbar and make changes in there.

So, this is for those whose network path to the database is not open to Oracle Net. TOAD will now have its own SSH tunneling ability. Not my use case, but it will certainly be useful for some folks.


Yup, that's it.

You said "Not my case" - do you have some other SSH need?

We use Putty and Tectia extensively here for access to shell sessions on our UNIX servers. That would not be something that would fall under the TOAD umbrella.


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