When is the parameter dialog box going to support weak cursors again ?

When running an anonymous script with weak cursor as output, you used to be able to choose cursor as the parameter data type. In fact, there were a number of different data types supported. Under v.10.x we no longer see cursor, but only a few parameter types…the basic ones. I understand that strong cursors are support in the desktop panel for CURSORS, but I would really like to see the weak cursor support to return. This is preventing us from moving to v.10.x in our shop.

Anyone know when this is going to get fixed ?

This is in the beta and will be fixed for the 10.5 release.


I’ll add that the Cursor variable type has been added back for 10.5, the vast majority of other types are still missing. If you have examples of how you could do something with 9.7 that you can’t do in 10 because of the missing data types then please send me working examples offline and I’ll get those straightened out.