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When trying to login SQL*Nav5.5, get msg "Not connected to @DB reconnect?"

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Help please!

I am trying to login to SQL*Navigator 5.5 and get the message “Not connected to @DB reconnect?”.

I was able to connect via SQL*PLUS w/o any issues using the same TNSNAMES.

See below the TNSNAMES ennrty



If you’re using multiple oracle homes (multiple versions of the oracle client software), you might want to check that the one used by SQL*Plus (the one it finds first in the path) is the same as the one used by SQL Navigator - you can find the latter at the top of the login dialog.


I tried, doing that and still the same error. If fact I am unable to use with our new client, I was using SQl Nav successfully with another client.

Thanks a lot for your suggestion!



What client and database version(s) are we talking about anyway?
There are some combinations that are not supported by Oracle - and most of those just do not work!


Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release




Hi Sree,

Connecting to 10G DB using 10G client should work. Did you use the Oracle logon or did you run a statement to connect?



I have used the Oracle logon …



I wouldn’t have a clue then. We never have problem with this combination. Maybe you can try uninstall, clear the environment and reinstall.



(see below)

BTW: is there a way to remove a post - or attach images/files after posting? AFAICS, I can only edit the text now.



Could your provide us with a screenshot as I attached? You can get the Oracle Home Editor dialog by pressing the button labeled “…” to the right of the “Oracle Home/Client” field in the login dialog. It will focus on the selected client.