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SQLNav and 2 oracle homes



I have a Oracle home with 10g client and another with 11g client.
The default one is the 10g.

I have the same tnsnames is both.

If I start SQLNav and I start a session in 11g home
If I then try to start another session it always ask “The connection needs to use a different Oracle Home (…)”

(even If I choose that one as the default oracle_home for SQLNAV)

That question appears even before I choose the connection and (if I use the cancel button) after I choose try tho change the new connection Oracle home to the 11g (it always presents the 10g home by default for the second connection)



Hi Filipe,

Please check if you have the preference Project Manager > Remember Oracle Home/Client for each connection is ON. If it is, please tick it off. Let me know if it fixes your problem.



Hi Gwen

Yes It worked , thanks!