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Where are the Toad for Oracle forums?


Found a bug (I believe) in Toad for Oracle, but I am unable to find the forums to report to. Does anybody know where they are?



Please try to visit this site:




Thanks for the reply. Is there someone I can email directly, to get onto that list? The list administrator doesn’t reply to email, and list member (addition) requests.


Hi Shannara,

Please try to ask in any of Toad for Oracle Yahoo groups.
Unfortunately, I can’t help you.




Thanks for the info, as mentioned above, the admin does not accept new users (must be approved by admin to join, and list questions, report bugs, etc).

I understand you can’t help me. But I am shocked to find that Oracle for Toad is no longer supported, yet still being sold.

(edit): I’ll just call in and see who’s in charge in order to join the Yahoo groups.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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Hello Shannara,

I’ve asked my colleague Gretchen for more details on Toad for Oracle groups. Please see the information below.

The Toad for Oracle “forums” are actually a Yahoo mailing list. You can subscribe to them from Yahoo directly, or from Toad for Oracle itself (Help menu, Toad Online, Mailing Lists, click the appropriate Subscribe button and then send the email that opens automatically).

There are five moderators who all get the subscription requests, and as long as it’s during general business hours membership requests are generally granted within a few minutes. It’s really just a way to keep out the obvious spammers.

Bug reports can also be sent or called in directly to Quest Support. Quest most certainly supports Toad for Oracle.

Shannara, if you are stilll having problems getting approved to the lists, please feel free to write again. I will provide you with a direct email to Gretchen. She will forward your message to the right people.