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While on break I unsubscribed so as not to potentially flood the group with my
out of office messages. In resubscribing today, the welcome email informed me
that this group is about the following:-

This list is for discussion between TOAD users on any topic related to TOAD,
Oracle, SQL*Net, and related issues.

I know in the past we’ve had people come here asking Oracle questions with
no real TOAD focus, and, while they sometimes get answered, they often get
informed that the group isn’t here to answer questions like that. Yet, to
my potentially overly literal mind, the description above does seem to allow
those types of questions. To close the loophole, do we perhaps want to clarify
the group description, perhaps as follows?

This list is for discussion between TOAD users on any topic related to TOAD, as
well as Oracle, SQL*Net, and related issues, as long as they have some
relationship to TOAD.

Looking at my proposal above, it does look like I have made the sentence overly
long and complicated, so feel free to improve it {grin}


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Makes sense Mike, it’s changed now – thanks.

How about “This group is for Toad, the whole Toad and nothing but the
Toad”? ;o)

That would work too : )

Yeah, but then we’d get the Toad SQL Server/DB2/MySQL/Data Modeler/Data
Analyst users J

We already do. ;o)

Would MySQL users know how to use the internet to find this list (ducks). Just
kidding MySQL people. I’ve worked in a MySQL shop and used Toad For MySQL
and I’m on their list, although thank the Lord I’m back in Oracle
where I belong, except for that “alter table add column
before/after” option. I kind of like that.

My current client has me converting their SqlServer scripts to Oracle packages.
Thank the Lord I’m not a SS person if this is an example of what you have
to do to be an SS person.

And what happens when MySQL becomes Oracle?

Interesting question. I would hope that each would learn from the other but I
can’t imagine Uncle Larry allowing too many features to be ported into his
new “free” database while leaving it open source, but that’s
supposedly exactly what he’s pledging to do the last I heard (leaving it
open source)

On Mon, 2009-12-28 at 08:50 -0800, Jeff Smith wrote:

And what happens when MySQL becomes Oracle?

MySql gets abandoned by Oracle faster than a superfund site.

Joseph Charpak

Quiet in here today?
Is no-one at work then?

...I can’t imagine Uncle Larry allowing too many features to be ported
into his new “free” database while leaving it open source...

Makes not a jot of difference. The huge majority of useful 'oracally'
type features - read consistency for example - already exists in one
Open Source database - Firebird.

In my [slightly biased] opinion, MySQL gets all the headlines and
attention while Firebird gets the job done!

Check out if interested.

Happy New Year everyone.

Norm. [TeamT]

the Toad office is closed today. In fact we’re also closed all next week. Quest, like so many other companies, is doing a furlough week to help recover some of the cash they’re required to have on hand to cover the vacation balance for employees. good Americans that we are, we tend to not take vacations very often.

knowing this team, though, most will probably be monitoring the boards every day all week anyway. we don’t roam far from our tribe. : )

Hi Mark,

Happy New Year.

the Toad office is closed today.
It's like fishing, you chuck one in and hope for a bite! I got a bite!

I was only being slightly facetious when I sent my comment about it
being quite in here! I'm just back - last night - from Lanzarote where
it was nice and hot. 26 degrees in new money (I haven't got my C to F
calculator handy and I can't remember the formula!) and we got back last
night to minus 2.

I prefer the minus 2 bit myself. It wasn't the best of holidays on the
grounds that I picked up a rather unpleasant 'roto virus' and all that
comes with it. I didn't enjoy it much!

Hope that you and yours are well and not suffering too much from 2010
yet. I've apparently got a crowd of people coming tomorrow for lunch and
'festivities' - oh joy! (Not that I'm all that anti-social really!)

Anyway, I'm shutting down the laptop for a wee while - I was away for a
week and had over 400 emails to deal with, hence me sitting here today!

Norm. [TeamT]