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Where can I delete the information in the database?

What should I do if I don't want to save information such as database IP port in client configuration ?
In other words, where are the linked files saved and where can I delete them.

go to Help | About and then Application Data Directory and there's Connections.xml.

I deleted the whole Application Data Directory, but it didn't work.
Is there any other place where connection data can be stored?

Did you delete it with Toad closed?

I'm sure
Restart the computer, delete the file, and then open toad
It didn't work

Well, we think that we load connections only into the connections.xml :slight_smile: If you close all Toad instances and delete the data directory then connections are deleted too. I've just tested it on 5.2 to be sure.

Thank you. I use the old version(4.7). I'll change it to a new one.

I tested on TDP 5.2. The latest Toad for IBM DB2 is 7.2.