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Where can I find documentation on possible modifications to the .repss style sheet?

When customizing a report, you can use the UI to change the styles in the report. My understanding is you can you make further modifications by modifying a .REPSS file directly. My issue is that I cannot find documentation on how this style sheet can be modified and what limitations I have. In general, can we modify a report style sheet outside of what the existing UI offers?

Hi Michael,
not sure how directly you mean it. You can edit the stylesheet like this and then save it and reuse it for other reports.

And very directly you can open the .repss file in a text editor and edit it in XML, which is probably not very user friendly.

Hello Dan,

Thank you for the response. I am more wondering about what I can do outside of the UI. For instance, I know that I can add


to my .repss file but what else can I add? I am wondering if there is any documentation regarding what can be customized and the available values for each item.

It's a component that we're using and unfortunately there is no documentation for it. Is there any element that you'd like to edit and it cannot be done using the UI?

I was hoping to round some of the corners in my report but it doesn't look like I can apply the border-radius property to any of the elements.

It would be nice to be able to either round corners in the UI or allow end users to modify the .repss file to add this property to the elements they want to.

We'll try to get some more specific info for you about this. Thanks.