where do I find the DEFAULT STYLE

In looking in the helps under LANGUAGE MANAGEMENT in Toad 10.1 I see this

Highlighting tab

Within the Language Management options area, use the highlighting tab to
configure highlighting settings for specified styles. These styles can then be
applied to tokens or rules as necessary. See Language Management Overview for
more information.

In the styles list, you can add, edit, delete, copy from (clone) or disable

Note: The default highlighting style cannot be renamed or removed.

Style Settings

Style type

Select a style type for this style setting. The default is default, which means
that it reverts to the style set in the default style . You can choose a custom
font, which allows you to change all of the font settings as described below, or
a limited custom font, such as background/foreground (which lets you set only
the background and foreground colors).

I have a problem with the statement I coloured in red above. I can’t see
where the default style is set or where to set it.