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where is the 'roles' tab


I just upgraded to version 10.6 and the ‘ROLES’ tab is no longer in the Schema Browser. When I click ‘Configure’, I can see a ‘Roles’ checkbox, and it’s checked but it’s a read-only checkbox.


If you log in as a user that can select from DBA_ROLES, it should be visible.


I can execute: select * from dba_roles
but still can’t see the roles tab. Would you have any other ideas. My permissions haven’t changed from the previous version of Toad that I had. I’ve tried with many different schemas I have also with no luck.


Is this option checked?

Options -> Startup -> Check for access to DBA views

If not, check it, close your connection to Oracle, and try again.


Thank you so much! That was it I checked it and now I see the roles tab! Thanks for the quick response. I must have spent over an hour trying to figure this out.