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LH Side Tabs Missing in Schema Browser

I have recently upgraded to Toad for Oracle DBA Suite (from 12.5). Now when I open the schema brower, there are not tabs on the left hand side of the screen above the object list. The arrow buttons are there and if you click one of those, the tabs will appear. I have checked all that I know to check in the options, but can’t find any issue. This worked in 12.5 but has stopped working in 12.6. Any ideas on how I can get it to display the tabs when the schema browser comes up?

It sounds like the display mode got changed. See screenshot below on how to change it back. My personal preference is "Dropdown", but it sounds like you are looking for "Tabbed (multi line tabs)"

The display mode is still set to Tabbed (single row of tabs):


I switched it to Dropdown and Tabbed (multi line tabs) and both of those options work fine. It’s just the single row of tabs that doesn’t work.

Rt-click on the tabs (or where they should be) and choose “Configure”. In the dialog that appears, there is a toolbar along the bottom - click the 4th button, and then “Restore default order” in the dropdown. I think that will get it.

That did it - Thanks!

You’re welcome. I misunderstood what was really going on until I saw your screen shot. We had a support case for this a while back. It should be fixed in the next version.