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Where to get Toad for DB2 Freeware 5.x?

I am currently using Toad for DB2 Freeware 5.x to connect to our DB2 LUW (9.5.x) environment. We have a new employee that needs to connect, and we found that Toad 6.x Freeware, the only version available here, does not support 9.5

Does anyone know where I can get the installer for a 5.x version? I have searched all over and can only find shady-looking sites that I wouldn’t download from.

We no longer have or support any 5.x Toad DB2 Freeware versions.

We recommend to upgrade to the latest 6.2 freeware version to take advantage of our latest features and fixes.

I would use the newest version if it supported our DB2 version. Since it doesn’t I have switched to IBM Data Studio - that seems to connect to our old DB2 without issues. Thanks.

Sorry you decided to go back to Data Studio.

I would still recommend that you think about upgrading your DB2 LUW version as IBM’s ‘End of Support Date’ for DB2 LUW v9.5 was April 30, 2015.

Thanks for pointing out the expiration! We actually purchased extended support through IBM for our version. Our databases have been mostly migrated to SQL Server, but we still have a few outstanding reports that are not migrated yet.