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Which VCS Provider option to select for GIT hosted on Team Foundation Server?

I’m trying to set up TOAD to use GIT hosted by Team Foundation Server as the VCS. In Team Coding Configuration, which do I pick from the VCS dropdown box, Team Foundation Server or GIT?


Douglas Mosman

Hi Douglas,

Toad for Oracle does work with Git, regardless of whether it’s hosted by GitHub or Team Foundation Server. For your use, you would need to select the “Git” provider and have a local Git client installed; however, there are a few limitations that you should be aware of:

  1. All push and pull requests for Git need to be done manually using your Git client.

You can work around this issue by setting up External commands within Toad to transfer changes between your local Git repository and the server’s Git repository. Matthew Phan wrote a blog article here that may help you in creating that:

  1. You won’t be able to use Work Item tracking through Toad.

Toad only supports tracking work items using the Team Foundation Server’s built-in version control platform. We don’t have any way of accessing work items through the Git client.

  1. You will need to work directly in the master trunk.

Toad’s Team Coding does not support branching and merging in the VCS provider since databases themselves don’t support it. For example, let’s say you and your coworker each created your own branches off the master trunk in the VCS to create a new feature. In order to support each of your features, you both needed to change some database objects slightly. While each of your changes would be isolated in your own branch in the VCS, those changes could be applied to the same database objects in the database. If one of those objects happened to be shared, whoever would change the object second would overwrite the changes of the first and break his/her feature.

If you need to have work item tracking, and would prefer no additional manual push/pull steps, I’d recommend using Team Foundation Server’s built-in version control for your database projects. You can still use their Git support for source code if you desire and they should be able to be managed easily on the same TFS server.


Thank you John. We’re trying to set up pilots of both Git and TFS TFVC so this is very helpful

Hey Douglas,

Just a quick update on this issue. Starting with Thursday’s beta of Toad for Oracle 13.0, you’ll be able to perform pull and push operations from inside Toad for Oracle. I just wanted to make you aware of this as you decide which direction to take.


Thanks John. I’ll pass this on to the team, I know they’ll be interested.