Scheduled Automation crash when upgraded from TDP 5.1 to TDP 5.3

I steel have problems with attachements in email activity in 5.1 (crashing TDP when trying to edit attachements) but having a workaround,
I have tried to upgrade scheduled tasks from TDP 5.1 to TDP 5.3.
Automations work fine when opened and lauched directly from TDP 5.3, but crash when scheduled.

I noted that log files generated by TDP 5.3 were timestamped, not with 5.2.

CLONE_Insert_T0008ADM_Donnees_DBLINK_2021-02-25_06-00-12-550.log (1.5 KB)

I rollback to 5.1 then everything works again.

Any idea ?



I'm back after some tests...

When i launch automation in TDP 5.3, (open it, then run) it works fine and no timestamp in the name of log file...