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Why couldn't fetch all rows now?

there is an option that can set the initial number of rows , when you scroll down to the bottom of the result set panel, a prompt window would ask you if you want to fetch all rows, and you call fetch them all by clicking "yes". But someday I could not fetch all rows by doing the steps above. The only way is to set the "initial number of rows " option to unlimited. That's not my want. Someone knows what happened? Thanks

there's this option but that's probably not what you mean, or is it?
Which version of Toad, which DB, what feature were you using at the time?

That's a way to fetch all rows. But I wonder why I couldn't fetch them all by clicking "yes" on the prompt window. My toad is 7.0, and DB2 is 9.7. And I set initial number of rows to 100.