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"fetch all rows"

I though in the past there was a preference you could set that would "fetch all rows" when executing a query. If there is where can I find it? If not, how can I "fetch all rows" immediately when executing a query. I need to see the total time to retrieve all records.

There isn't really an "all rows" option. Honestly, it sounds like a good way to get an "out of memory" error.

However, if it helps, you can go to Toad Options -> Oracle -> General. Click that "OCI Array Buffer Size" option to manual. That number goes up to a max of 9999. Close enough? multiple fetches of that size is not significantly slower than one giant fetch of all rows.

Another thought - exporting the dataset to a delimited text file, with the "display all results in grid" option UNchecked, should give you a pretty good idea of how long it takes to run your query and fetch all rows.