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Why Does Exporting Money Datatype to Excel Store Them as Text Instead?

I read several threads but none of them really answered this question. I am exporting data from a table into Excel. The datatype in the table in question are MONEY (sorry, not my design). When I export to excel via an Export template, the money fields are stored as text in excel. This means I have to reformat them as numbers first, before doing additional calculations in excel.

The number fields in the table export fine. It’s just the Money fields that suffer from this issue. Anyone know how to fix this?



When I export using a SQL Server connection and columns that are of money datatype, I have no issues. They export as custom and not text. What type of database connection are you using? And what version of TDP are you using?

If you have the version of TOAD that offers a Format dropdown on the Select Columns dialog of the Export utility, to the right of the DataType column?, then choose the correct decimal format. That action eliminates this issue, which affected older versions of TOAD.