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Why "PRAGMA DEPRECATE" is marked as an error?


I have PRAGMA DEPRECATE in my PL/SQL code. TOAD 13.1 marks these lines as errors expecting other pragmas, but this one. I understand it is introduced only in 12.2 but it is two years already...
Did I miss some setting? Anything like "database compatibility" anywhere in TOAD?


Also PRAGMA COVERAGE seems to be missing.
We'll add both to the beta soon. (QP-3477)

Thanks for reporting,


Thanks! At least I know I did not miss anything.
BTW, there is one more 12.2 feature missing in the editor - constants in the type definitions.
The following example is marked as an error while it compiles perfectly fine:
g_module_name CONSTANT VARCHAR2(16+ORA_MAX_NAME_LEN) := 'Fatal error in '|| $$PLSQL_UNIT ||'.';