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Wich programs call a procedure of a package ?


Is there a ways to find out the dependencies from a procedure within a package ?

Sometime I’ve to add a parameter in a function/procedure. Doing this, I need to change all calling procedures, and the one that calls them, …

If it’s a “stand alone” function/procedure I find the information in the dependencies, but when they are in a package, this is not possible. I do this with the search function, but I’m nearly sure there is a better way (something like a family tree)



Hi Martin,

In Code Explorer, there will be nodes called “References to XXXX”. You will find locations of all references to the procedure or function under such a node. Does this help in your case?



Hey Martin,

I think the feature you’re looking for is called “Code Road Map” and it’s in both SQL Navigator and Toad for Oracle. Here’s a link to the online documentation for SQL Navigator.

Give that a go & let us know how you find it.

Cheers, :^)



@Vincent : the References to ... work only inside of the package and it shows the line number, not the calling procedures :

@Alfred : Tried this solution, but it's not readable and it doesn't show all the calling procedures. I collapsed the packages, otherwise it looked like an unreadable spider web :wink: I don't see one of the main calling packages

With a search I can find each level individually (in red the missing calling package in road map) :

search proc.png

But after this search I've to do 5 searches on the 5 results I found, and so on.



Hi again

Something like this. Each arrow meas "is called by proc/func" :