Windows 11 supported versions

what is the lowest version of Toad for Oracle to support Windows 11?

trying to figure here if upgrade is needed or do our current licenses have the support

Toad 15.1 is the oldest version that officially supports Windows 11, but versions much older than that will "just work" on Windows 11.

how about any 12.10. or 12.12. versions any chance that those might work?

Toad 12.x hasn't been thoroughly tested on Windows 11 and isn't officially supported there, but yes in general those versions should work just fine.

we have licenses for version 12.12. what is the recommended/latest patch if any?

We almost never release patches. We didn't for 12.12.

The full version number for 12.12 is

ok, you have been very helpful. Thanks!

BTW is there any place to download version ?

You should contact Quest support about that.