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Help on Oracle and Toad

hi All,

I have Win7 (64 bit). Which version of Oracle and Toad work well?

Please help me


Any Toad version should be OK. Just be sure of two things:


Thanks for your response.

I tried 11g -64 bit… Toad ver 9.1 never recognized the oracle Home.

I tried 11g 32 bit- Toad recognizes oracle home. But while connecting I get the following error message.

“OCI version Production is not supported.”

I am not able to install Oracle 10g on my system. Oracle says , it is incompatible.

Thanks for your help

Oh. Well, the problem you have now is that Toad 9.1 came out way before 11g
client, and the two just are not compatible. Toad 9.7 or newer can connect
with an 11g client. Maybe also Toad 9.5, but I can’t remember for sure
about that one.

Try installing a 32 bit 10g instant client. That should get you going.

9.5 should be good, but that’s no longer supported by Quest.

If you’re going to upgrade, you might as well upgrade to v10.


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