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Word Replacement Glossary Support for Same Words

Hi, I work in large IT environments where multiple modelers are creating models that need to follow the same standards, and the Word Replacement Glossary is an important tool for ensuring naming standards are followed.

Since I'm relatively new here, not sure if this is considered a bug or a feature, but I would like to have a modification that removes the validation error "Name contains replaceable words" when the Word Replacement Glossary has already identified and replaced the word.


This happens when they are the same, such as 'City=CITY' as shown below:

The alternative is to remove the entry and then the validation error will go away. However, by doing this I am unable to positively control the Word Replacement Glossary and ensure I have an 'abbreviated' version of every term in my data model (even if the term is left unabbreviated). This is because I have a requirement that all my physical column names are in uppercase, and all my approved abbreviations (loaded into the Glossary) are also in uppercase.

Therefore, anything that shows up in my data model as lower case, I know immediately it has not been 'abbreviated' by the Word Replacement Glossary. In addition, I also have entries like ID=ID, CD=CD, and DT=DT because so many modelers abbreviate these in the logical model anyway, and makes validation easier rather than forcing the modeler to go back and spell out 'ID' in the logical. But because of this, the Verification function does not recognize this, and litters the dialog box with hundreds and thousands of validation errors that I considered to be 'false.' This noise in makes the verification process very slow and tedious.

Hopefully this makes sense.

Rob Dickens

Hello Robert,
I would like to start with a description of word replacement behavior. Let's suppose the syntax is id=ID where "id" is a word that should be replaced by "ID". If "id" is found in the name then it's marked as naming convention violation and should be replaced by "ID".
The behavior is as design due to unchecked option "Case Sensitive" in the Naming convention properties form. If you define glossary item e.g. "id=ID" and uncheck this option it's de facto as if you had a glossary with defined words "id=ID, Id=ID, iD=ID, ID=ID" (it is the same as evaluation of "Id" and "ID" by non-case sensitive comparison; it is the same).

Also, the entries like "ID=ID" are wrong and if you define entry like this you will see the glossary item will be red to alert you. It has no sense and causes validation errors. I understand the way how you use it, but I don't recommend to use it.