How to replace a phrase?

I have a model that uses the caption “Foreign Key”, and I wish to replace the phrase with “FK”.

I presume I’m supposed to use the Glossary, but I haven’t been successful at replacing a phrase which contains a space.

Hi, probably the best solution I would recommend you now is to download the latest BETA version, open the model and try to export metadata to Excel file. Change the caption in excel and import the metadata back to Toad Data Modeler.

Of course, backup your file before opening it in the BETA version.

The next TDM vesion 5.2 should be available soon.



Hi Vaclav,

The scenario I’m using:

Create an Entity Relationship. The Relationship Properties dialog is open. For the Caption I enter “Foreign Key Product”. I click the “>” button to transform the Caption to Name. I want to see “FKProduct”.

I am thinking I’d use “Naming Conventions\Glossary” to perform a “Word Replacement” to take the phrase “Foreign Key” and replace with “FK”.

In my Glossary I cannot get “Foreign Key=FK” to work, nor does “ForeignKey=FK”. I do have Character Replacements to remove spaces " =". I presume I can do multiple character/word/phrase replacements. I also have Naming Convention Rules\Relationships enabled.


Hello Jake,

try the following:

  1. Open the Naming Convention Properties dialog.

  2. On tab Naming Convention Rules, select the Relationships. In the Valid Characters area, select the Except Space Character checkbox.

  3. On tab Glossary, Word Replacement area, add a new glossary for words Foreign and Key.

Note: It works for every single word, it's not possible to define a phrase with a space.

I hope it helps.

Regards, Vladka + TDM Team


Thank you for a detailed answer. May I propose a future feature to allow phrases? I have attributes that have “Key” in their name, and if I turn on the Glossary for attributes, I’m not going to get the expected results. Same would happen if I have an attribute “Foreign” or “Primary”.

Thank you. Jake.

Hello Jake,

Yes, sure. Please post your suggestion to the Idea Pond and let other users comment on it. Thanks.

Regards, Vladka


I am looking for an update on this feature (allowing the Glossary to support multiple word phrases) but snakyjake2's link is dead. Is there an update on this feature? As of v7.2.x this feature has not been added. This is important in larger environments to when multiple modelers are using the same glossary. And we need to abbreviate things like Vehicle Identification Number to VIN and Social Security Number to SSN rather than SOCL_SCRTY_NUM.

Any update?

Hell Rober,
thank you for your question but I'm afraid this feature has not been added to TDM yet. The link to the idea pond was last so feel free to create a new post here in Idea Pond and vote for this feature. If the idea would be popular among users we will be happy to implement that.