Work space properties and adding entities for large models

I feel like this should be simple but I can’t find an obvious way to get the following information.
There are two bits of information I want from TOAD as I create my physical models but can’t seem to find:

  1. I want to be able to select all the entities in a work space (ctrl-a) and I want Toad to tell me how many I have selected, I can’t see an indicator anywhere.
  2. I want to be able to cateogorise by process all my entities into different work spaces, to do this it would be useful if toad would tell me which entities I have added to a work space and which ones I have not (iconology in the left hand pane would be great but there appears to be nothing), of course toad automatically adds everything to an all work space, but assuming you got rid of that it’d be good if you could see which entities are left over so to speak, once you have created all you work spaces. This would help with anything missed.

With small models the above is trivial, but if your trying to sort out related entities from a 300 plus tables DB into different work spaces, grouped by in this case business processes being able to acess the information in points one and two above is very useful. Is there any way to get the above information? I am using Toad data modeler

to your points:

  1. you can find statistics about objects of workspace in Workspace properties (if the workspace is opened: right click in it and select Edit… from popup > Workspace Properties form appears and there is tab Statistic; same form can be opened from Model Explorer, usually left hand side panel, where you right click selected workspace and also select Edit…)
  2. Entity (or other objects) cannot be directly placed on workspace, you only create their shortcuts (therefore you can have entity shortcut on multiple workspaces).
    One way you can categorize objects is by color of Category - ie in Model Explorer you can create multiple categories with different colors (see our help and search for term: categories). Then in Model Explorer you right click in empty space and select Settings where you can check Use Category Colors for Objects. Also at workspace objects are distinguished by category color.

I hope that this will help you.

Best Regards, Michal