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Write to UNIX ftp servers

Hi. I need to be able to extract millions of rows from my database on a daily basis to a UNIX ftp server. Will Toad be able to do this?

Have you already installed a trial version of any Toad? What database do you use and what exactly do you mean by "extract"?

Hi, thanks for your reply. Yes, I have a trial version installed. By extract, I mean "unload to big_file.txt; select * from big_table" and I have an output of 30 millions rows. I'm basically unloading an entire database. I can do this in Toad (though I haven't tried with the entire table due to space concerns; in Brio this things takes like 3 hours to run) and write to my windows file system; I need to be sure I will be able to write to a UNIX server for our external stakeholders to ftp to their systems.

There’s two ways to FTP a result set from Toad Datapoint, although 30 million rows might be straining the client, depending on how beefy your workstation is...:slight_smile:

Both of the following means requires you to save results on some drive reachable by TDP and FTP....e.g. a file created by TDP via export or Save-As, etc.

• Crack open the FTP Connections pane within TDP (Main menu View-> FTP Connections) and define your FTP sites there. In this way, Toad has built-in FTP that allows you to upload your files… see snap below.
• The Automation Designer in TDP has an FTP task. The nice thing about this is that you can schedule your FTP uploads and have them be hands-freely done on a regularly scheduled basis. See second snap below, where I have a simple two-step process that issues a SELECT query to bring back results from my Local Storage (or local drive) and then uploads to my desired FTP site.