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Wrong error line


Just got a very strange error on installing a package body (pk_read_taric) :


I deleted the line number 8, and tried to compile, got the same error on line 10. Deleted this one and got the error on the next line, ... Impossible to install this package.

I finally found the problem :

pref 2.png

I used a variable called pk_read_taric.vt_taric(vn_count).preferences, and this one was not yet defined in the package header !

Seams that te program searched the first occurrence of word "preferences" in the code, instead of the line where the real error was.



Hi martin_goblet,

Thanks for feedback.

Could you pls send us a example package to help us reproduce this issue?


Hi Michael

It’s a little bit late for this. Package is now OK.

I only remember that I was really not happy, because I’ve spend a lot of time to find a solution. I don’t remember the solution I used.