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Wrong Syntax Error when using EDITIONABLE keyword in package creation

Hi all,
I'm stuck with an error when trying to compile a package.
Toad gives me the error:
ORA-24344: success with compilation error

I found that the problem is related to the keyword EDITIONABLE since if I delete it then it works.

I checked online and, as stated in the link below, my syntax it's fine.

Can you please help me understand why I get that error?

Here's some info about my env:
Amazon RDS for Oracle - Oracle 19c, Version
Toad for Oracle Base version



Hi Mauro,

Oops, sorry for my first reply, that was incorrect. Oracle gives ORA-24344, not Toad. Toad is just the messenger. I don't know why you get that error, but I suspect you will get it from SQL*Plus also.


Hi John,
thanks for your answer.
I didn't thought that the keyword EDITIONABLE could have been introduced after version 11.
In fact it seems that it's present from version 12.
Sorry for my naivety. Thanks again.



I could have worded that first reply better, but this problem has nothing to do with Toad.

Is your user defined as editionable? I haven't looked yet but if I recall correctly, you have to make the user editionable before you put editionable objects in the schema.

Hi John,
don't worry, your first answer was fine.
I'm in the support team of my company too, so I perfectly understand how it feels to have to answer to someone that completely misses the point of the problem.

My problem arise because we want to version the code of the packages and this code has been extracted from the database with a tool that adds the EDITIONABLE keyword. I'll try to fix the problem by working on that tool to see if it's possible to avoid that keyword and I'll align the repository.

I understand that it's not a problem related to Toad, so don't worry.
Thank you again for your time.



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