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View Script Not Containing Editionable Keyword

When we extract a script for a View by using Schema Browser, the EDITIONABLE keyword is not included even though we are on a 19c database ( Could this be a setting I'm missing? My TOAD is 14.1.120.

Many thanks for any help,

Hi David,

It's a bug. I just logged it in our internal bug tracking system. I'll have it fixed soon.

Thanks for reporting it.


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Looking at this a little further, depending on if the following statement was previously run, EDITIONABLE may be the default (or NONEDITIONABLE could be the default)

ALTER USER user ENABLE EDITIONS [ FOR type [, type ]... ];

It will probably be annoying for users who do not use editioning if we suddenly start including EDITIONING/NONEDITIONING on scripts for all object types that support this keyword. So I'll have to make it an option, as we do for some other keywords, storage clauses, etc.

Also, it seems that once an object is CREATED with either EDITIONABLE or NONEDITIONABLE, any future CREATE OR REPLACE will keep the same setting...because if you try to CREATE OR REPLACE with the opposite editioning setting, you'll get ORA-38824 "A create or replace command may not change the editionable property of an existing object"

That makes sense to me and it agrees with what I learned after posting my original comment. Thank you, John.