XML Export


Is it possible to export only the tables in a database diagram in XML format?

I have created ER diagrams of various systems and now have been asked to create the same in an EA tool called Abacus (by Avolution). As a first step towards this, I need to import the relevant tables into Abacus.

I had created a few ER diagrams using TOAD for Data Modeller and I am able to export in XML format from there, but not from TDA. I tried using the Export Wizard, but it seems to pick the data as well. I am wondering whether there is any easy way to get only the tables in Database Diagram, so that I wouldnt have to go into the Export Wizrd and manually choose them. Any help much appreciated.


The Export wizard is essentially for data export, and the ER diagram in TDA is pretty primitive, which only supports visual diagraming and printing, it also works with query builder but there’s no way to export the tables in xml format.

Thanks Kiki. Wonder there are any plans for this in future versions of TDA.

I entered CR90914 for this enhancement. We do have the Toad Data Modaler tool that I believe does this. Currently there are no official plans to encorporate these type of features. But we have had this request in the past.