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Keeping the Database Diagram clean

Hey guys,

After dealing with some frustrations with EER tools in MySQL Workbench and SQLyog, I’ve turned to Toad. I like what I’ve found so far… except:

After importing tables (around 40) from a database I’m working on into the Database Diagram utility, I spent fifteen minutes arranging all of them. I wanted to ensure that the diagram presented a clean and unambiguous picture of my database and all its internal relationships. I saved off the .ter file, closed Toad, and then reopened the .ter file to find that all of my time spent arranging the tables was for naught. It just went right back to the cluttered, ambiguous mess that I started with.

Am I doing something wrong? Are my expectations too high?

For the record, SQLyog’s EER utility didn’t really work at all. And while the MySQL Workbench EER utility has a great look and feel (including maintaining all of the careful positioning of tables within the diagram), I found that it crashes far too often and doesn’t do a very good job of diffing the EER diagram with the metadata on synchronization, forcing me to edit the synch script every time I did an update.


I’m not certain why it’s not saving the layout, but if you’re wanting a better approach to data modeling, I’d suggest you take a look at Toad Data Modeler. It’s designed for physical and logical data modeling and will definitely save your layouts.

You can download a trial here:

I suspect the diagramming in TDA is really meant for subsets of relationships and not to be considered a true modeling tool.

Inability to keep the layout of ER diagram is a bug and Icreated the CR 98809 to track it.
Thank you for reporting it.