XMLTABLE gives formatter kittens

Take a simple statement like this and format it. Everything lines up nicely according to the rules, starting in column 1.

Now add in an XMLTABLE lookup

Preformatted, although I wish the data types and path statements would line up, but all more or less formatted and well within the margins, but if I format it now…

It jumps way over to the right starting in column 19 and it doesn’t align the types and paths.

Chris Johnson

IT Systems Analyst

Distribution Logistics


Chris, are you using the latest beta?

Would it be possible to paste the full SQL text here (not as image) to make sure I can correctly reproduce it.

In addition, could you paste the formatter options you were using? On the top tab of the formatter options tree, click on Copy Options to Clipboard to get them.



Oh wait a second, this one has already been posted, and I fixed it. Fix will show up in one of the next betas.