Formatter Anomaly

The formatter seems to shift everything 3 indention levels to the right when the From includes and XMLTable with 2 Columns.

Here is Case 1 showing the over indention:

Here is Case 2 where I uncomment line 9 and comment out 10-11 so only 1 column is returned:

Lastly here is what I get if I then comment out line 9 and 11 leaving 10 so in theory a single column:

Here is the SQL:
Sample.txt (743 Bytes)

If I should report Formatter items in some other way, let me know. I use the Toad Beta for all my work, so have not tried this in 15.1 .

Here are my Formatter Options if needed:


Hello Michael,

It looks as if the size of the column name (ATTRIBUTE_NAME for instance) shifts the result towards the right. The longer the name, the more it shifts to the right.

I queued this case (QP-3956).

Thanks for your report!