- Documentation Bug

I’m the lucky guy that gets to be the guinea pig for installing the next
update in our location! Heh, I love these kinds of jobs. I’m one of those
strange people that likes to play with bleeding edge technology.

I know there’s a beta group but the office politics won’t allow me
to be part of that. Ah well.

I was just familiarizing myself with the options and noticed something peculiar.
It may have already been caught in the latest cycles, but just in case it
wasn’t, here’s a quick friendly FYI.

Options -> Executables

Good: Move the mouse to hover over the flashlight and the tip is “Auto

Amusing: Move the mouse to hover over the ellipses and the tip is “Verify
Plan Table Existence/Select new plan table”.

Heh, not exactly a bug to be too concerned with… I’m almost positive
most of us that will use Toad will be almost intelligent enough to realize the
ellipses are used to select a particular executable :wink:

Roger A. Simoneau
Alberta Blue Cross

Sounds like a cut and paste job gone wrong!