Toad crashes when pasting huge protion of data into editor

When pasting huge amount of data into Toad editor, application is crashing.

I tried with around 30K lines each 60 chars.

Please post the Toad.el file in Toad’s appdata directory or send it to me directly. michaelstaszewskiquest.com


Michael, I cannot see any elf file.

it crashes with 25K of lines…

I pasted 30,000 64-character lines. The text was a bunch of SELECTs, one per line. I also pasted 30K lines of gibberish. I can’t reproduce. Do you see your text or does the AV appear before text is visible?

Nope it’s just pretty immediate shutdown - only windows message is popping up.

I’m sending you some screenshots.

Thanks, I see this in 64-bit. Logging.

If you paste a UNION with 20-30-40-+ thousand queries then that is a single statement which the parser has to digest as a whole. In this case we’re getting a stack overflow. Increasing the stack is not an option (just pushing the threshold up). Instead we’ll look if we can add a check for available stack in a performing manner. Anyways, is a 40,000 UNION real production code? :slight_smile:

BTW, if we talk about just a bunch of individual SELECT statements then in 32 bit I can easily go over a million lines. In 64 bit I could duplicate SELECTs up to 14 million lines before exhausting my 32 GB core. Toad would then have a commit size of 13 GB.
In each of those cases the editor was still responsive, albeit with pauses of one to two seconds at times - but it worked great, no crash!