Describe window: Add constraint

When describing a table (F4), I get a separate toolbar to add a constraint.

I can also add the constraint using the + button (green circle) or the "Add a constraint" button (green circle), but I do not know where the "Add Constraint on this table" (red circle) comes from.
Is there something wrong with my toolbar or does this generally look like this? If it should look like this, what is the intention? Thanks!

The one you circled in red is not there by default. Nor is the row that it’s sitting on. That toolbar can be customized. I think it somehow that button just got dragged up there. See that drop-down arrow all the way on the right? Click that, then choose “Add/remove buttons”, then “Reset Toolbar”. I think that should do it. It won’t reset every toolbar in Toad, just this one.

I had to “Restore Defaults”, that did the trick. Thank you!