Toad World® Forums Access violation at address 00000000240D32F8 in module 'QP5CA.dll'


This has happened with several versions of TOAD Beta 13 when working with the editor. TOAD will freeze after this error occurred.

Access violation at address 00000000240D32F8 in module ‘QP5CA.dll’. Read of address FFFFFFFF82BE92A8

There’s no entry in Toad.el.
Anything else I could provide?

Best regards, Peter


Same AV just happened with


Do you have a code sample to reproduce? Given the AV source it seems like possibly a bug in one of the rules specific to the code you have in the Editor.



Peter can you please forward us the code which caused it.?



I will forward it when it happens again.


The code address you passed seems to be in the middle of a low level string copy function…

Comparing the (few) code changes since last year didn’t reveal anything neither.

The QP5CA module is “old” code used only in the following Code Analysis rules:

  • Rules 2601, 2603, 6405 and 6407 (which don’t work well at all),
  • Rules 2606, 2607, 2608 and 3801 (which have issues as well).

These eight rules are scheduled to be replaced by XPath expressions later this year, and then we can get rid of that QP5CA module.
So making sure those eight rules are not enabled could fix the problem.



Thank you, I had several of those rules enabled, and disabled them now.

I’m gonna let you know if the problem occurs again.

Thanks again,


See for the sequel.