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Access Violation error

Brand new instance of Toad opened. Error pops up while trying to open a package in editor :

  • from describe window (F4) - RMB, menu Load in Editor Load Body only/ Load Spec Only

  • from editor with Ctrl left mouse button.

Is it an AV in QP5.dll? If so this is logged and being worked on. It was in recent betas as well, but in looking at it I noticed that exception handling during parsing was insufficient. Some errors were being eaten. I fixed that glitch so it’ll be more apparent when problems occur. If you just click OK you should be in the same boat as you were in the prior beta. The error causes Navigator to not populate properly and other features relying on parser data to fail.


I do not think it is,

Message : Access violation at address 00000000041A5CBE in module ‘Toad.exe’. Read of address FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFD.

I’m sending you EL.

FYI QP5.dll addresses are in the range 0x23000000 or 0x0000000023000000.

I got QP5 error today

Access violation at address 000000002745CC71 in module ‘QP5.dll’. Read of address 0000000020102FF0

It’s hard to trace the location as this is a relocated address. If it isn’t possible to get us a full Toad dump then wouldn’t you have an idea of which SQL code you were working on when getting this AV?

Yes I know exactly what I was trying to open.

Toad’s debug info never enabled QP5 tracing before. For next beta if you add DEBUG=1 to the [SETTINGS] section in Toad.ini QP5 tracing will be enabled as well. Trace files are going to be in Toad’s application data directory, “QP5 Trace” subfolder.