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The detail results of a Compare Schema or Compare Database are presented in 3 sections: "x objects only in [source]", "y objects only in [target]" and "z objects which differ". However, these sections get sorted as strings.

For example, I've just done a database compare. By default, the first column is sorted ascending, so it's showing the following:

0 objects only in [target]
36 objects which differ
6 objects only in [source]

Given that it puts the number of differences at the start, sorting them as strings doesn't work very well.

I also think it would be a better user experience (more consistent) if these top level sections were always presented in a fixed logical order, maybe "objects only in source", "objects only in target", "objects which differ". I find it a bit awkward when looking at compares while making changes to find these top level headings switching positions between compares based on the numbers (even more so when the numbers are being sorted as strings :wink:)!

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Good point! it will be fixed in next beta. Source only, then Target only, then Differences makes sense. Unless you click column header to sort reverse.

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Sounds good, thanks :smile:

In, it appears to be working now in the Schema Compare, but the Database Compare looks to still be sorting the headings as strings

oops, you're right, I forgot about that one. Will get it for Monday's beta.

The sorting on Compare Databases and Compare Schemas appears to be working OK in, thanks