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Schema & Database Compare Foibles

Morning All,

I had the lovely task of comparing a number of schemas in our old environment with the same schemas in the new, "improved" cloudy environment. There was much wailing an gnashing of teeth! I noticed the following:

Using database compare, I selected the list of schemas I wanted to compare in both databases, but that appears to have had no effect, sadly. It would be nice to be able to list a number of schemas to compare in both databases. (Hint?) However, it did show areas where there were differences that needed to be looked into, so that's a bonus.

Using schema compare, I noticed that while I can add any number of schemas to the target database, they are all compared with the one single schema I can select in the source database connection. Hmmm. I would like the ability, please, to list any number of schemas to be compared and have them compared with the same schema in the source database please? Is this possible? I had about 30 schemas to compare and I ended up doing them all one by one and saving the results each time.

Talking of saving the results, saving the "Difference Summary" HTML report never picks up the last folder used, unlike the "Difference Detail" and the "Sync Script" which do. This is most likely already fixed in a more recent version than my current but I'm reporting it just in case.

Norm. [TeamT]

Hi Norm,

First, there is no comparing of entire schemas in database compare. I think what you want is schema compare.

Choose "Multiple Schemas" here:

Then, when you choose a different database for the target connection, you'll get something like this:

At that point, if you want to uncheck or change some of the source/target schema pairs, then uncheck "Match schemas automatically" and the grid below will become enabled, allowing you to make changes in the Target Schema column and in the "Include" column.

When you have multiple set up like this, you can choose a "Base Output Folder" here, choose the kind of output you want, and Toad will automatically put them in various subfolders named after source/target schemas.

Looks like the "difference summary" folder bug still exists. I'll fix it.

Thanks and hope this helps.

Hi John,

thanks very much, that helps enormously. All these years and I never spotted the "multiple schemas" option. Duh! :blush:

If only I'd known that yesterday!

Thanks again.

Norm. [TeamT]