Export significantly faster

Beta has significantly improved performance delivering export queries in Automation Designer over any recent release.

I can’t rule out the corporate network may have been changed to improved latency on the route between my client and the server, but no other apps are showing this magnitude of improvement. I suspect some optimization in Toad?

What will I do will all this extra time? Write more complex queries or bring down bigger tables, probably. (No issue here, just a thanks!)

I’m not aware of anything that we did that would improve this, but I’m happy to hear it.

The only thing that comes to mind is that maybe previously you were exporting by right-clicking on a grid (and leaving the “display all results in grid” option checked), vs a stand alone export action in automation designer, were there is no grid at all, OR where that option is unchecked if exporting from a grid.

The “display all results in grid” option means we use the cursor that’s tied to the grid, but export may be slower because the grid is going some processing as rows come in. With that option unchecked (or disabled because it doesn’t apply), the query is re-executed, but in a way that requires a lot less processing and memory as the rows are exported.

I’ve been exporting to a CSV from queries loaded from .sql source files, and in that circumstance the “Grid” choice has always been grayed out (as best I can remember).

Another possible change would be that the dbas changed something the server without telling us (understandable, since I’m more end-user-ish to them). Still I suspect it’s Toad, as I have noticed performance changes both good and bad from beta versions before. This one is biggest I’ve seen in either improvement or degradation. Again today, Toad screamed through my two apps (21 queries total) , so it wasn’t a fluke. It’s now s actually bumping up into the top half of my total bandwidth capability.